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Disclaimer: Concussion Mom is an internet tool used to aid in the education and awareness of concussions, and to provide general information about concussions and concussion education and management. Concussion Mom is not medically based and does not provide medical advice. Concussion Mom should not be used in the diagnosis or management of concussion. Always seek medical attention immediately if you suspect a concussion. Concussion Mom does not discourage participation in sports, but does encourage safety in sports participation. .

Former educators who have provided one page concussion fact sheets for teachers, administrators, school nurses, school mental health, counselors and parents. 

A concussion survivor's journey through concussion and post-concussion syndrome.

Over 2500 qualified, highly-trained and certified Lifemark therapists are ready to help you in over 175 locations across Canada.

Safe4Sports is a comprehensive safety and injury prevention program

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A private, nonprofit organization, BIA-MA provides Support & Resources to brain injury survivors and their families; Prevention Programs to educate the public on the impact of brain injuries; Education & Training for brain injury survivors, caregivers and professionals; and Legislative Advocacy for improved community services and safety laws (seat belts, helmets).

An educational portal that players, parents, coaches, and officials can visit to seek information regarding concussions, with the goal of becoming more aware and ultimately safer individuals in their respective sports.

Kristen Willeumier, PhD, is a neuroscientist with knowledge on how the brain is affected by health, nutrition and the impact of concussions. 

The Knockout Project exists to raise awareness about the dangers of concussion.  The people involved with The Knockout Project have paid a heavy price for dismissing the severity of concussions and we hope that you will heed our warnings. We were athletes. We thought we were invincible. This has happened to us and it can happen to you.

We are a community based organization focused on making youth sports safer.

Concussion Mitigation Technology’s, LLC featured product is the Smart Cap®.  This cap, weighing less than 4 ounces, goes on the head before a helmet is placed on the wearers head.  It contains impact and bio sensors that are transmitted wirelessly to a smart phone or other personal electronic devices.