The importance of neck strengthening 

guest: Mark Asanovich

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An honest conversation about facing the challenges of brain injury recovery and finding hope when feeling as though it's lost 

guest: David Grant, co-host: Karon Cook

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Join us on the 2nd Thursday evening at 10pm EST of each month on the Brain Injury Network of blogtalk radio as we discuss all things concussion and post concussion syndrome.  The call in number is 424-243-9540 or listen online

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Taking Concussion Advocacy and Education to the Next Level While Living with PCS

guest: Jessica and Jay Fraga of The Knockout Project

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Concussion Mitigation Technology’s, LLC featured product is the Smart Cap®.  This cap, weighing less than 4 ounces, goes on the head before a helmet is placed on the wearers head.  It contains impact and bio sensors that are transmitted wirelessly to a smart phone or other personal electronic devices.  

Safety in Sports

guest: Malcolm Sutherland of safe4sports

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guest: Troy Fodemski

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Let's learn about some alternative therapies for concussion treatment

guest: Cynthia Stein, Conquer Concussion

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A conversation with Dr. Warren Merrifield, former active duty US Army Officer and developer of Neurodetect, a mobile brain function assessment company

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Certified Brain Fitness Coach (CBFC)

Awareness Education and Advocacy 

Host of Concussion Matters on BlogTalk Radio

The science behind keeping your brain healthy for living an optimal life 

guest: Kristen Willeumier

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guest: Brenda Eagan Brown

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A  community based organization focused on making youth sports safer.

Thursday, July 12 @ 10pm EST
Vestibular Therapy
guest: Carmen Hon
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Living with Post Concussion Syndrome 

guest: Madeline Uretsky​

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Concussion Matters

guest: Kyle Oppenheimer

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What to look for after a concussion, and how these symptoms can be helped with functional neurology

guest: Dr. Lynn Carlson, owner of Chiro Pro and the Concussion Center of Massachusetts

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About the show

CONCUSSION MATTERS is a show about concussions and post-concussion syndrome, education, awareness and management, as well as therapies, and other related topics. Each month will feature a guest who has been involved with concussions, pcs, or brain injuries in general.